NODA navn

TerraNODA awarded!

The first graduates from the AHO/Uit Landscape Architecture master programme were awarded with NODAs professionalism prize.

NODA - Northern Norways Design and Architecture's professionalism award to a landscape student graduate from UiT/AHO.

Derived from the Latin - Terra Nova - meaning new land. NODA believes in the next generation and are proud to welcome you as our colleagues when entering professional practice.

The jury is represented by NODAs Fagråd - a council consisting of practitioners from 5 interest organisations spanning from graphic design to landscape architecture. They have been joined by an academic representative from the school. The multidisciplinary jury have reviewed the 6 graduates work and judged based on criterias; innovation, arctic relevance, design, interdisciplinarity and presentation.

Congratulations to all 6 who now have graduated. I hope you feel proud when you finally can call yourselves landscape architects after at least 5 years of dedicated schooling to get to this point.

It was difficult to agree on one project. The jury enjoyed discussing and exploring your projects from our different perspectives. We had a great debate on the definition of landscape architecture and the importance of being able to gather a vast and complex amount of information and transforming this into form. Making decisions that result in spatial and experiential form. With the confidence to believe in your design.

NODA is delighted to present two honorary mentions in addition to being able to award one student with Terra NODA - our professionalism award.


Honorary mention - Tale Marker - Oldervik gravlund: en utvidet forståelse av den nord-norske grendegravlunden

This project explores an unusual aspect of landscape design that touches us all. Making communities and meeting places around final resting places. Seeing the potential and relevance of these places as historic storytellers with great meaning and emotional connection. Tale has shown determination in her work. Insight into the subject matter from own experience and practice brought into an inviting form. We would like to be invited in further with more drawings of the spatial and experiential qualities.

Honorary mention - Aniella Sophie Goldinger - Drifting as agency: More-than-human marine spatial planning in the Fram Strait

This project pushes the boundaries of the profession. How a design approach can be used to present vast and complex data from a politically and geographically relevant theme. Aniella has demonstrated the ability of thinking innovatively in creating a method of presenting scenarios that are both understandable, but also relatable despite being of great complexity. Giving the ice status as a stakeholder in a different approach to heavy planning processes. Moving towards a sustainable approach that gives room for a balance between different stakeholder’s intentions, also the more-than-human.

Winner - Caitlin Jakusz Paridy - A Palliative Design for the (After)life of Mine #7

This project proposes a landscape transformation strategy following informed design decisions. The strategy being both completely controlled by the designer, but also given back to nature in regenerating an area deeply impacted by people. Arctic consideration to permafrost has been apparent. Additionally, reflections on the presented method of transformation can be applied to many sites around the globe. Caitlin has played with landscape formations, involving all the senses in creating an experiential afterlife for Mine #7 in Svalbard. The design explores a storytelling strategy of what was and what could happen to this space.


Thomas Juel Clemmensen. Landscape architect og program leader for Landskapsarkitektstudie UiT/AHO

Margarita Chaskopolou. Architect and Urbanist at AT arkitektur og Fabric+. NODA Fagråd representative for Nord-Norges Arkitektforening - NAL.

Victoria Brønlund. Industrial Designer. NODA Fagråd representative for Norske Designere.

Terese Simonsen. Interior architect at Fra Innersida. NODA Fagråd representative for Norske Interiørarkitekter og Møbeldesigneres Landsforbund - NIL.

Tor Åge Vorren. Graphic designer at SANS. NODA Fagråd representative for Grafill.

Kjersti Monsen. Architect. Director of NODA.


Norske Landskapsarkitekters Landsforbund wrote about the award. Read it here