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Changing Arctic Cities prosjekt

NODA presenterte prosjektet Changing Arctic Cities på årets Arctic Frontiers 2020. Arena var side eventen: Arctic Cities and new Partnerships for Sustainable Development, arrangert av Arctic Mayor Forum.

Changing Arctic Cities – turning changes into action

Nowhere are the consequences of global warming more evident than in the Arctic. The warming is taking place as a rate twice that of the global average, and is about to change the basis for life for animals and people alike.

A wetter, warmer and wilder climate is altering the very ground beneath us. Increased erosion is washing villages into the sea. Increased risk for floods, avalanches and land slides is threatening settlements and infrastructure. Whole cities are in short time made uninhabitable when the permafrost is thawing. The changes are swift and throughout the region.

Knowledge and mapping of the consequences of climate change in the Arctic is sparse. If we are to secure continued growth and stability in the North, we need to know more about what to expect from the coming decades. Politicians, urban planners, architects and landowners need knowledge and tools to on the behalf of the Arctic population make correct decisions.

This is what we do

North Norwegian Design and Arcitecture Center (NODA) has this year initiated the alliance Changing Arctic Cities. The goal is to put the Arctic climate challenges on the regional, national and international agenda, and gather decision makers, researchers and innovators around one table. The changes in the Arctic will alter the life for everyone living here. It must be met with insight, collaboration and innovation. We can only do this together. Across boundaries of countries and cultures. We have got no time to lose.


In the fall of 2020, we will gather decision makers, scientists, businesses, city planners, designers and architects for a conference in Tromsø. The goal is to:


Spring 2020 NODA will establish the site The site will be a knowledge base for climate impact on Arctic cities, and make tools and knowhow for predicting scenarios available.


Changing Arctic Cities will contribute to gather different creative forces to ensure future development and growth in a changing Arctic.

Please let us know how global warming is affecting YOU!