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Guylee Simmonds Architects


Guylee Simmonds is an RIBA registered architect engaged in projects in the UK, Norway, Haiti and East Africa. Always aiming to deliver responsible, high quality, functional and innovative design.

He is motivated by the social responsibility of the architect and the transformative role that design can play in communities and physical environments. Guylee has designed, managed and executed projects throughout various creative disciplines, at a range of scales, in diverse contexts. Current clients include private individuals, public sector and international NGOs.

Along with fellow architect David Schnabel, Guylee converted and travelled to Northern Norway from the UK aboard a survival lifeboat, Stødig. He is especially interested in prefabricated and mobile architecture in its different forms.

Guylee is currently based in Tromsø.


Adresse: Turistvegen 80, Tromsdalen 9020
Telefon: +47 412 91 340