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NODAs members in Bodø wished for a place to gather, share ideas and show their work. Therefore we made a lecture series with the aim of providing professional and social replenishment in Bodø.

Once a month we gather to delve into a new topic. In the audience we find designers, architects, urbanists and those who are curious about the topics. We have met economists, doctors, council workers, photographers in previous events. All are welcome and the discussions are better with diversity.

every first wednesday of the month @NŌUA

#7 Inkluderende Arktiske Byrom
Kjersti Monsen, NODA
04.10.23 NOUA

#8 Use culture to enhance life quality
Håvard Lund, The Arctic Hideaway
6.12.23 NOUA


#6 Gjenbruk og transformasjon
Nyutdanna arkitekter, NTNU
19.09.23 Beddingen kulturhus, Molobyen

#5 Qualities of the urban fabric in Bodø
Vebjørn Joakimsen, Norconsult
06.09.23 NOUA

#4 Lessons learned - Megacity projects
Joyce Aguirre
09.05.23 NOUA

#3 Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit, Art, Architecture and traditional knowledge
Alain Fournier, EVOQ Architects
19.04.23 NOUA

#2 Sauna-where culture and health melt
Sami Rintala, Rintala Eggertsson
22.03.23 NOUA

#1 Ageing in the arctic
Siri Arntzen and Jan Ratnarajan, Fabric+
15.02.23 NOUA


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