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Representing all the fields of design and architecture

Speakers represent all the fields of design and architecture. Resulting in a collage of projects and presenters. There should be at least one talk you wish to go to, then be positively surprised on a learning aspect from a theme you didnt thing was relevant to your daily practice. The broad theme process allows for sharing across disciplines - sharing the story behind the design, not only the glossy results.

Product designer Nima Shahinian is facilitating for accessibility on spaceships - and will tell us why. Designer Tone Bergan from DOGA will explain what process means in design. Entrepreneur Ronny Erikkson (FI) will share how Norders ́ work with identity and close collaboration with the architect has been vital in the transformation of an abandoned hospital in Kirkenes to an innovation hub. Ane Høyem from Gaia Vesterålen - a historian and journalist - will talk about hope in co-creation processes. Focusing on children and the planet in the work towards more sustainable local communities. The more analogue processes where time is central in documenting landscape is shown by Dr. Eimear Tynan, Landscape Architect and associate professor at UiT.

Some processes also end. Kim Daniel Arthur, former director of Ekte will talk about its destruction and lead up to the phoenix; Løv Finsnekkeri. Graphic and furniture Designer Bjørn Viggo Ottem will show process models and how Løv lives on.

A few more speakers to be confirmed, but we believe the above bunch represents diversity and presents relevant projects in the North.

We will also be joined by minister of commerce, Jan Christian Vestre.

Will you be there?