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Born of a desire to uplift and empower fellow women in Zambia, the first sparks of WAYAWAYA caught light in 2014. This is artisanal leather-work with a difference; combining craft(wo)manship, skills development and viable employment to bring contemporary handcrafted designs merging Scandinavian and Zambian influences.

WAYAWAYA empowers marginalised Zambian women without formal education and few job opportunities open to them. These women were said to be ‘wayawaya-ing’. However, the formidable women of Africa are unquestionably resourceful & hardworking and now we have flipped the phrase ‘wayawaya’ on its head. Today it is a phrase that fosters pride, confidence and a sense of security for the women of WAYAWAYA. To invest in women is to uplift their entire community, with the ripples of impact being felt through the whole extended family. By women, for women forms the backbone of WAYAWAYA and is a concept inspired by the fellowship of women throughout Zambia.


Adresse: Gausdalsvegen 43 B, 9020 Tromsdalen
Telefon: 950 41 106