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AI Art Workshop with Cris Kevin Bjørndal

Tid: 19.10.23 Kl. 18.00
Sted: Rådstua - Provisoriet, Tromsø

A.I generative tools have come a long way in such a short time since it's public release in 2022. While users are familiar with generating still images with DALL-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, there´s so much more to dive into!

Join us with a session with A.I art guru, Cris Kevin Bjørndal from Kreativ Teknologi @Tvibit, who´ll be guiding you on more advanced things that you can do - from generating videos using plug-ins such as ControlNet and EBsynth, to applying LORA models to fine-tune results and so much more!

The workshop is free to join and will be held at Rådstua, but registration is required due to limited spaces. Register here

Participants do not have to bring their own computers as that will be included as part of the course.