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Seminar: Inclusive Arctic Urban Spaces Vadsø

Tid: 01.06.23 Kl. 12.00
Sted: Kooperativet Kulturscene. Centrum 9, Vadsø

The project “Inclusive Arctic Urban Spaces” sets the scene for the days seminar. The seminar is open to anyone interested in the topic, but will also form as inspiration for the design for an urban space in Vadsø.

Each lecturer will also participate in designing of this space. All the lecturers are architects and landscape architects with different backgrounds and experience – all working in the north of Norway. Working and creating urban spaces in this context requires a specific knowledge often obtained through experience. The north has polar nights, midnight sun and long winters making the requirements for the space between the buildings unique. This seminar aims to share this experience based knowledge to eachother and a wider audience. Exchanging ideas on how to form spaces in the north, with focus on inclusiveness.


150kr NODA member
300kr ticket price


12.00 Welcome by NODA
Kjersti Monsen, Director of NODA. Project manager for “Inclusive Arctic Urban Spaces”


12.30 Lecture 1
Public Space Analysis Tools - Instruments towards inclusive design
Joyce Muriel Aguirre, Landscape Architect in By og plan konsulent Aguirre

Inclusive design is all about responding to the necessities of our current and prospective users. In this vein, organizing stakeholder insights and opinions is of utmost importance in order to translate inputs into outcomes that truly reflect our user needs. In this lecture, Joyce Aguirre will impart practical tools from landscape architecture and project/policy analysis. Focusing on the urban scale.

12.50 Lecture 2
Empowerment - Social Change Through Building
Guylee Simmonds, architect in Guylee Simmonds Architect.

Empowerment is a phenomenon that stimulates strengthening of confidence in an individual or a group to take more control of their life and their rights as people. This short lecture explores the social process within the design and construction of a building that can facilitate this change. A story from a real project.

13.10 Questions

13.15 Break

13.30 Lecture 3

In or out? An interdisciplinary approach
Martin Strømstad, Architect in Asplan Viak Tromsø

Analysis, contextual awareness and wide interdisciplinarity in design of urban spaces. The importance of this collaboration in architecture and landscape architecture. A presentation of projects in different scales from Northern Norway. Focusing on the relationship between the architect and the landscape architect.


13.50 Lecture 4
Arctic climate
Irene Jullum Hagen, Architect in Norconsult Vadsø

Introducing us to the site and its context. Vadsø based Irene will present her home-town from an architectural point of view.

This presentation will be in Norwegian, with English notes handed out.

14:10 Tour of the Urban space in Vadsø

14.30 Lecture 5
Taking the silent living into consideration: as architects, how can we better listen to the arctic vegetation's needs ?
Adeline Finez, Landscape Architect in Verte Architects in Alta.
Jeanne Pyskir, Landscape Architect in Verte Architects in Alta.

2 small and very practical lectures : the first one would be an introduction to our experience of integrating and implementing arctic vegetation into our urban designs. A collaboration with academia and practitioners. Reflecting on how to apply this knowledge in current practice.

The second lecture will give a concrete example of how we tried to create an integrating and universal memory grove in the heart of Alta, both for people with all types of mobility abilities, for all religions, for local species of plants and animals, and for the people who contribute to maintain the place alive.

15:10 Discussion

16:00 Thank you and goodbye

*programme subject to change

Project in collaboration with Troms og Finnmark Fylkeskommune and Vadsø Kommune.
Photo: NODA