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PÅFYLL: Qualities of the urban fabric in Bodø

Tid: 06.09.23 Kl. 16.00
Sted: NOUA, Bodø

Vebjørn Joakimsen from Norconsult presents his reflections on the qualities of urban fabric, focusing on Bodø.

NODA invites you to professional and social replenishment at NOUA! Join us after work to meet like-minded people. Designers, architects and anyone with similar interests.

The evening's topic is urban fabric:

Bodø is a rebuilt city, neither picturesque and romanticized nor modern and trendy. The new development challenges this even further, with high-rises challenging the existing identity of the city.

The presentation is a methodical examination of how to address a complex design issue, focusing on the case of Bodø through the prism of light and structure. Inspired by the special light during polar nights, the study considers how buildings are affected by its unique qualities and how light becomes a physical thing interacting with our built environment. The city's structure reveals itself through the analysis of photos, drawings, plans, etc., showing how buildings connect and influence how people move.

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There will be good discussions and social mingling. The bar is open.

16:00 Doors open
17:00 Welcome by NODA
17:05 Short presentation by Vebjørn
17:45 Mingling and co-creation
19:30 Have a good evening

NODA – Northern Norways design and architecture centre is a project-based membership organisation. We show how design and architecture can be beneficial to society through various activities. Such as this one: påfyll. Påfyll means replenishment and we aim to provide both professional and social replenishment.

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Event is kindly supported by Nordnorsk Arkitektforening (NAF) and is a part of a series of lectures. More info here