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PÅFYLL: Lessons learned - Megacity projects

Tid: 09.05.23 Kl. 16.00
Sted: Atelier NOUA, Bodø

Joyce Aguirre is a landscape architect and urban planner from Manila. As she finds herself a new home in Norway, she hopes to share her Manila experience with Bodø and Nordland.

NODA invites you to professional and social replenishment at NOUA! Join us after work to meet like-minded people. Designers, architects and those with these interests.

The evenings topic is megacities:

In 2018, the United Nations predicted that 68% of the world’s population are to live in cities by 2050. As we move towards this imminent future, urban regions need to equip themselves in preparation for programs, projects, and activities that involve more stakeholders and other resources. In this talk, Joyce Aguirre, a Filipino urban planner and new bodøværing, outlines her lessons learned from working on huge infrastructure and policy projects in Manila, a metropolitan region of 13 million population.

Free to join, please sign up here
so we know how many will come.

There will be good discussions and social mingling. The bar is open.

16:00 Doors open
17:00 Welcome by NAF
17:05 Short presentation by Joyce
17:45 Mingling and co-creation
19:30 Have a good evening

NODA – Northern Norway´s design and architecture centre is a project-based membership organisation. We show how design and architecture can be beneficial to society through various activities. Such as this one: påfyll. Påfyll means replenishment and we aim to provide both professional and social replenishment. Questions? Or ideas for future events?

Event is kindly supported by Nord-Norges Arkitektforening (NAF) and is a part of a series of lectures. More info here

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Photos by Patrick Volgt (1) and Jon Manosca (2)