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Film: The Competition

Tid: 17.11.22 Kl. 20.30
Sted: Verdensteatret, Tromsø

The Competition is the first film documenting the tense developments that characterize architectural contests.

A documentary movie constructed as an almost uncomfortable but intensely fascinating account of how some of the best architects in the world, design giants like Jean Nouvel or Frank Gehry, toil, struggle and strategize to beat the competition.

Jean Nouvel, Frank Gehry, Dominique Perrault, Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster are selected to participate in the design of the future National Museum of Art of Andorra, a first in the Pyrenees small country.


20:10 doors open 20:30 film begins
at Verdensteateret, Storgata 93, Tromsø


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NODA has teamed up with NAF - Nordnorsk Arkitektforening to bring you a film screening at Verdensteatret. The bar is open and there will be a chance to mingle. Architects are encouraged to bring friends and relatives they wish to show the intense experience of working on competitions.