NODA navn

Course: designing with youth

Tid: 10.05.23 Kl. 18.00
Sted: NNKM, Tromsø

Come and join us to learn about new methodologies in engaging young people in conversations about design and how their built environments are shaped.

UK based Architect Matthew Springett from architectural educators MATT+FIONA will be introducing their work and sharing their experience of empowering young people to shape their built environments. Matthew will be discussing best practice and providing useful guidance for working with young people and enabling them to design and co-design with others.

Matthew will also be providing introduction and training for delivery of the NODA DARK_ung: Festival installation live making-workshops that will culminate in the spatial transformation of Tromsø Library Atrium. Your newly acquired skills will be immediately put to the test, by accompanying groups of workshops’ participants and guiding them through the making of the installation.

The aim for professionals is to learn methods to engage children in participating and co-designing projects, and to provide hands-on workshops to put this new knowledge to test. The focus will be made on: initiating projects with young people and community groups; methods of co-design in 2D and 3D; how to promote collaboration over competition; co-fabrication and realisation with recycled and reused materials.

Onsdag 10 mai kl18-20 på Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum.


Ticket prices:

200kr - NODA member (+1 volunteering session)
400kr - NODA member – theoretical course only
500kr - course price (+1 volunteering session)
700kr – course price – theoretical course only

We encourage all to both attend the theoretical course and the practical volunteering session. This way the participants get a holistic experience of working with children – with the opportunity to test the theoretical knowledge in practice. For an overview of the workshops with children look at the festival site here.

The festival is divided in three main periods spanning over a week, all linked together:


The CPD session will give you the main tools to engage children, in particular those who might not normally have these opportunities, through participatory methods and co-design. These newly acquired skills will be put to use immediately through volunteering in the workshops.


Children and young people will engage in a co-design and co-fabrication workshop, to produce modular elements for an installation inside the atrium of Tromsø Bibliotek. You will thus be able to put in practice the CPD knowledge by volunteering at these workshops and reinforce what you have learned, helping you build confidence in participatory design methods.


At the end of the week, families and young people will participate by making more modular elements or shaping the installation by placing these elements together. The intention is to empower children and young people through collaboration, not competition so they would all see elements of their ideas in the final installation.